how to power Motor Drive Shield

I am trying to figure out what kind of power supply to get for this shield:

I am powering two stepper motors:

I am assuming 12v since it will be split between the two, but not sure how to handle other ratings.

Voltage does not split in a parallel circuit, and these motors will be connected parallel to each other. I’m not sure what you meant by “… since it will be split between the two…”

However, the motors -are- 12V rated voltage, at 330mA per winding. So a 12V power supply, two windings may be on at a time, for two motors so 330mA x 4 = 1.32A. I would get a power supply rated for at least 2x that current, so about 2.5 to 3A.

As far as that motor shield goes, I prefer the A4988 based boards. Pololu makes some, and there are a lot of clones. It does cost $10 per stepper (unless you buy more at a time), but they are much easier to drive as they only require a step and direction signal. And they are chopper PWM drivers, so you use a supply voltage much higher than the stepper is rated for. The chip regulates current, and using this method, a stepper motor does not lose torque as quickly as the speed goes up.

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