how to power multiple voltages

i am currently making something that requires, a pump, a heating element and an arduino.

i wanted to know how can i power all of them from a 230v outlet.

heating element=220v. pump= 12v. arduino=5v.

please let me know if it is possible if not suggestions are welcome.

I hope this is a theoretical exercise and that you are not actually going to start experimenting with stuff at mains voltage without having some experience behind you. Anyway:

  1. The heating element will (almost certainly) work also at 230 volts so requires no special treatment.
  2. An Arduino Uno can accept a 12 volt supply through the barrel jack and regulate it down to 5 volts.
  3. A 12 volt supply can be found by googling for 12 volt supply.

You'll also be wanting say a pair of relays or other means of interfacing the Arduino to the pump and the heater.