How to power nano + HM-10 buetooth + ADXL335 accelerometer

Total newbie here, doing some rapid prototyping.

I have an Arduino Nano, this bluetooth module (working voltage 3.6 V to 6V according to Amazon), and an ADXL335 accelerometer which according to the datasheet should be powered up to 3.6V.

I've powered the whole thing via USB cable, so far no problems. Wired both the HM10 and the ADXL335 to the 5V of the Nano.
However, I need to make this project small and portable.

  • What is the easiest, smallest way to power this thing? (full work day use, recharging over night is fine)
  • What voltage should I be looking for, given the components have different requirements?

[Apologies if this question is dumb, in the wrong subforum etc]

Can I simply power the Nano with a 9V battery, power the Bluetooth module using the 5V pin and power the accelerometer module from the 3.3V pin at the same time?