How to power on atmega328p au with transistor

:confused: Hey dumb question, but what type of transistor or mosfet do I need to act as a simple power switch for a standalone atmega328p. No I/0 connections just for power supply. I just need connection to gate or base to turn on the chip. As simple as possible.

What is going to turn the transistor on and off?

5 volts

Battery is also 300mah and the gate or base current needs 1.6ma in order to activate the atmega.

Maybe one of these

Or a P channel MOSFET. Pull the gate high for turned off state.
Push button to pull it low for on, and let the Arduino hold it low to stay on until it releases it.

Be sure to use a part with logic level gate, such as DMP2045UQ-7
Be sure to give it adequate cooling plane.

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