How To Power something with a nano

im using a osepp nano , im powering it with a 5v input and i also want to power something else , im really new to using arduino so i have no idea what to do. is there a way to set two of the pins for 5v output

It depends on what you want to drive. Give more information.


5v panasonic card reader , i have the data sheet for the card reader and im building someone elses project , they used a uno with a external power source and im hoping i can use a nano to save space and power it from 5v input and power the card reader with 5v output because when im finished there wont be the option to power it with usb , im even willing to consider maybe a lipo battery but id perfer to use the 5v power that will be available to the device when its installed

If you shared the datasheet, I could give you the answer without using the engineer's favourite phrase "It depends."

It depends on the current used by the card reader. If it's less than 20mA then you are fine. If it's less than 40mA then you are probably going to get it to work. If it's more than 40mA then you need a transistor to control the power to the card reader.

sorry , very new to this whole scene :p

thats the exact model i have and it says less then 25ma

so how will i go about connecting the power output from the nano ?

still need help with this , im not sure how to power the nano externally and then power something from the nano

Nano only has a small current capacity 5V regulator, 500mA, and only 50mA of 3.3V current from the FTDI chip. You can power external devices from 5V/Gnd or 3.3V/Gnd, but you have to pay attention to the total current draw.

Okay , but im powering it with 5v input as well , where do i wire input of 5v power and then output of 5v power i only see one 5v and gnd pin

I thought I understood the question but now it appears that I don’t.

If you have a good 5V supply then use that to supply the Panasonic card reader. Problem solved. Go home and try it.