How to power up ESC

Hello. I got Mystery CLOUD-30A ESC with BEC 2A/5V Ver 2.1, DC 5.6-16.8V 30A, but no battarey (still waiting it from hobby king). I have different power supplies for cell phones, routers and etc. but all of them has output from 1A to max 3A, can i power up my ESC with this power supplies? Or i need power supply with exactly output = 30A?

An ESC will power-up normally from 4 AA cells. The 30 amp rating refers to the maximum current it can handle, not what the ESC itself requires.

BEC means "battery eliminator circuit", which means the ESC is capable of supply the rest of the receiver and servo circuit without needing a separate battery for the lower voltage they require, in this case up to 2 amps.