how to pre-comile a library?

I would like to use the usbmouse library from Michael Gutlich which bases on the Arduino USB projekt from from Philip Lindsay and i created the suggested shield. In the notes of the library is mentioned that i have to pre-compile the library to run it correctly on the arduino:

At present the IDE won't compile our library so it needs to be pre-compiled with: *avr-g++ -Wall -Os -I. -DUSB_CFG_CLOCK_KHZ=16000 -mmcu=atmega168 -c usbdrvasm.S -c usbdrv.c *

I have no clear idea how this step works in detail/what i have to do. Maybe someone can help. Thanks Artemis

here the links [sorry was my first post, so i was not allowed to include it in the message]: UsbMouse library for Arduino: USB Arduino Project:

Another reply in the "better late than never" category. :)

Did you work out how to do this in the end?

(As an aside, the SVN version of the IDE--which will become 0018--won't need this step.)

Unless you change the pins used I think you should be able to use the .o files in the archive file you downloaded. Otherwise you need to use the avr-g++ tool in a bin directory of the IDE, depending what operating system you are on.