How to print on HP Laser jet

Hi All,

Please some one give me a clue,how to print on HP Laser jet from [u]Arduino uno[/u] board connected on PC.

Regards JR

Maybe it would be enough to send what you want printed to a SD card shield, then put that SD card in the PC and print things from there.

I don't have SD card shield.

If there is a serial port on the printer you could get a TTL to RS232 converter and send data directly.

If you have a terminal program like realterm you can send serial data from the Arduino to the PC, to realterm. When all the data is in the PC, print to the printer from realterm or save it to a file then print it later.

Hi LarryD,

Do you have a sample code for that method?.


Realterm is free:

Printing to the PC is easy, look at Serial.print and Serial.println


Thank you.I will have try.

Regards JR

this might be interesting - -

Rob Tillaart,

Thank you.

Regards JR