How to program 5 random numbers on 5 7-segment displays?

Would it be possible to program an Arduino Uno to output 5 distinct random numbers to 5 7-segment displays, or would I need additional hardware? If so, what additional hardware would be needed?

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm new to the Arduino community

That sounds do-able. There are plenty of tutorials on how to drive a seven segment display, so I'm positive you can find that part. The reference area of this site includes information on the random() function, you'll need that. That should just about get you there.

By 5 distinct random numbers, do you mean that none of the 5 digits should be the same? Are they hex numbers of decimal? Does the pseudorandom number given by random() give you what you want, or do you need a 'true random number'?

ps, it's the right place.

It sounds possible but it needs a bit more detail. What is the range of numbers? And what do you mean by "distinct"? If you mean all 5 must be different then they aren't truly random. If the numbers are all random then the basic laws of chance mean that at some point all 5 will be the same number.