how to program a water sensor

i want to program this sensor, but i cant…

i want to program he to switch of the pump.


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A URL to where you bought it would be a thousand times more helpful than a picture of the product. A datasheet is even better.

Does the place that sold it have any example code for the Arduino? If not, I suggest buying a different sensor which does have Arduino examples.

Don't double post


He/she had a post up this morning which has now disappeared. Nicely spotted Robin2
I replied to it with this text

"You are going to have to include a lot more information than that to get any help.
Other than you have some pumps and "sensors", it lacks anything of use to anyone else.
Are trying to empty the reservoir or fill it? Is there a maximum level or a minimum level?
Controlling pumps by the use of electrodes or float switches is a pretty basic use of an MCU - the tricky bits for real life systems is making sure the pump doesn't stop and start every time the sensor goes on/off.
A very basic system for pump control just uses one or two relays and operates as a "hold-on" circuit. The trick is to translate that into code.
Post your code for starters. "

He/she needs to realise that to get an answer at all, others have had to spend time trying to help.
The second post is worse than the first