How to program Arduino DUE with esp8266 Wireless

Hi, I need to learn how to program Arduino DUE with esp8266 module with Wi-Fi. Is there any way?

Do you mean, load sketches into the Due, via wifi?

Or just, write sketches for the Due, that would use an ESP8266 to communicate via wifi?

The first one: load sketches via Wi-Fi

There is no practical way. Why do you need it?

There is no way for DUE or any other kind of Arduino board? I just need to program DUE without being connected through USB cable

Again, why? ESP32 can do it. But stand alone, not in conjunction with another board.

I just need it to do so, 'cause I want to be able to run sketches on a board which is somewhere else


Sorry @anon57585045 but I don't think that asking "why I need to do this?" will help to solve the problem

If there is no ESP8266 solution, consider connecting a Raspberry Pi to the Due. Setup Pi WiFi, SSH, and VNC. Install the Arduino IDE. Remote access the Pi using RealVNC. At this point, the Pi can compile and upload Arduino code to the Due.

If you want minimal, install Pi OS command line lite version (no GUI so no need for VNC). Use your main computer to compile and build then scp (secure copy) the bin/hex code to the Pi. Use SSH and run bossac from the command line to upload code to the Due. This should work on a Pi Zero W which is too slow to run a GUI.

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But it might.

You dont know how to remotly program a DUE, and if it had been done before, you might expect someone on the forum to remember it.

Whilst the ESP32 is not an Arduino as such, @anon57585045 has suggested it can be done on a ESP32, and you did say 'or any other kind of Arduino board' so using the ESP32 would appear to answer your problem, but not, so Why ?

Okay, I see your point however, historically, it often has on this forum. So I ask.

ESP32 is not a suitable solution just because it works stand alone as @anon57585045 has said and I said I need to use it to program DUE so I could not use this solution it seems. Probably @Icebuster provided a better option. Thank you

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