How to program arduino to connect to HC-06 using android java

I am using eclipse java android to create an application that would connect to hc-06. But i got lots of errors. I need help and further explanations how to control arduino:

-> android app -> connect to HC-06 -> control arduino.

I need clear explanation guys. Thank you in advance

Download and study Blueterm's source code (for example) :P

If you are having a problem with Arduino code, post the code here and explain clearly what the problem is.

If you are having a problem with Android code I think you will have to look elsewhere for advice.
If you don’t need to use Android Java you could consider SL4A for a simple project.


Ardulink is able to establish Bluetooth connections but it is pure java. Actually isn't for Android. See new release here:

see here how I've used a module like yours to drive a smart car