How to program MPU-6050

Hi all, I am sorry to ask this.. I'm new in using MPU-6050 and I don't understand how to program it. I've tried the program that written in, but it gave me a random number. How can I know whether my MPU is working or not? Is there any web that clearly explain about MPU-6050? Could you please help me?

Thanks a lot :)

What do mean with random number ? Can you post a copy of the serial monitor ? The link of the Manufacturer (InvenSense) is on that page.

Apparently, that device has to have some micro-code firmware downloaded onto it, and they won't tell you what it is.

A guy called Jeff Rowberg has solved this problem, and his code is on the web.

I used it, and it works great. But it is impossible to figure out what it does, half of his program is to download this mystery firmware to the device.

So it is not an easy device to make it work, by yourself.