How to program multiple Arduino Nanos simultaneously

Let me begin by saying, first post, so apologies if I’m in the wrong thread, etc. I’ve tried searching but cannot find a sufficient answer.

My scenario is this: I have two+ Arduino Nanos back to back such that only one of their USB ports is available. I’ve mocked up the scenario on a breadboard as pictured (I hope…if not, it’s certainly attached):

Is there any combination of wires/caps/resistors/etc that will let me program both of these simultaneously just by plugging in the one USB and hitting Upload in the Arduino IDE? I gather there’s something about the Tx/Rx lines, power/ground and reset…but for the life of me I can’t make sense of it. Thank you in advance.

Short answer: No.

Connect Rx to Rx, Reset to Reset, Gnd to Gnd +5 to +5.
2nd unit will not be able to reply this way.
Has been demontstrated here in the forum that this can work.

Well, tried connecting the four pins you mentioned, plugged in the right-most arduino, uploaded the example blink program, unplugged the USB and removed all the wires except for +5 and Gnd and plugged it back dice. Seems the second one didn't take. Don't suppose you have a link to the post where it was demonstrated to work?

Not readily handy, no. Not even sure what search terms to use to find it. Was kind of surprised that it worked; no guarantee that 2nd unit would respond (blindly) that it was ready at the same time as the first.

Might have been just for bootloading too, not sketch loading. With 25K+ posts, I don’t always remember full details.