How to program nano with nano

Is it posible to program arduino nano with arduino nano. If it is how can i do it ? My goal is to program nano with some code that comes from ethernet shield(attached to programmer nano)

Do you have the source code for the "some code from the Ethernet shield"?

Yes i have. But every time it will change

If there is no PC available, you will not be able complile the source code to get it into a Nano.

What needs to change? The IP address? You don’t need to recompile a program for that. Please explain what the Nano that needs to change will do, not questions about how to program a Nano.

I’d like to help but your questions have a rather distinct “x-y problem” flavor.

My main goal is to update client softwares from a distance. Like update software which is in home from office. I wfill transmit the already compiled hex or binary code with internet. Programmer nano will recieve the code and will program other nano. Is it possible to do ?

Thanks for your interest :slight_smile:

Try Googling "arduino program flash from network". You don't need the second board.