How to program of Water Flow Sensor + Temp Sensing EGO-A-7.5Q

Hello everyone, I have a industrial project about how to monitoring rate of flow & temperature on machine cooling system. I use UNO R3 and EGO-A-7.5Q water flow sensor. Conclusion is I've successful to monitoring rate of flow but not in temperature, untill now I still can't fix it. Anybody can help me please? :frowning:

Thank you.

Anybody can help me please?

Line 5454455434545 of your code is wrong. At least that's what my crystal ball says.

It also says that your red wire is not making a good connection.

What kind of temperature sensor does it have? Can't find a datasheet, post a link if you have it.

I don't know the type of temperature sensor, it is included in it. The sensor has 4 wires: red vcc, black gnd, yellow flow, blue temperature. I use the analog read function on the blue cable and the result there is no change in value when given the temperature treatment

According to this link that device does not have a temprature sensor only a water heater. These two are not the same thing.