How to program push button-LED+music

Hi, I am new to Arduino and I need some advice on what to get. I have a project in mind, I figure it's a great way to learn Arduino.

I am making a driod caller. I need the push button to activate the LED, after I let go, I want the LED to turn off and a pre-recorded R2D2 sound to activate. Each time I press the button and let go, a new sound activates. I would like to have 5-10 different sounds to happen. I need the board to be as small as possible. Questions:

  1. What board has this functionality? Would Adruino Mini work?
  2. Where would I start learning the code for this? Are there code "templates" I can work from?

Any other suggestions are great appreciated!


thanks, but that ISD1932 board is too big. I need to to be around 1.5" x 3" or 4". Will the Adruino Mini work? Where could I find information on how to program this?


You can't use the arduino to store the music because it doesn't have enough ram. You have to use external chips or circuits.