How to program the ethernet card?

Hi all,

I bought this ethernet card:

And I am trying to make it work with my Arduino.

I also have this programmer:

I thought I could connect the programmer to the ethernet card, plug the other side in the USB and upload the ethernet controller sketch from the Arduino IDE.
It turns out it's not so easy.

Could someone please advise?
I don't even know how to interface the ethernet card and the USB programmer, the programmer has 6x2 pins, the ethernet card has 5x2 pins…

Thanks for your help!

That's not an ICSP header. That's the interface between the Ethernet adapter and the Arduino (via the SPI interface). That ENC28J60 chip does the Ethernet interface but unlike the newer Ethernet shield it doesn't have the TCP/IP stack in hardware. You have to use the older Ethernet library that included the software TCP/IP stack.

Perhaps this article will help: Cheap As Chips Arduino Ethernet Shield | Hackaday

Or, for about twice the price, you can get an Ethernet Shield with a WizNet W5100 chip that works with the current standard Ethernet library and examples.