How to program using ICSP Headers?

I have a project i made on a perfboard using an atmega328. I was wondering if there was a way to use my duemilanove's icsp headers to easily program my chip while its still in the perfboard. It would make things also simpler instead of having to move the chip back and forth to program and then test etc.

The ICSP header on the Duemilanove won't be much help in programming an ATmega on a perfboard. The ICSP header is how you connect an ISP device for writing the bootloader the the Duemeianove.

Does your perfboard have an ICSP header?

Do you have an ISP device like the USBTinyISP or USBasp?

nope jsut the duemilanove and an atmega1280, so theres no way to program the chip while its in the perfboard then?

I programmed an Atmega328 on a perfboard just using the serial pins, photo and details here:

You need to have an FTDI cable, to convert the USB port on your computer into serial data. Or, if you put in an ISCP header on the perfboard, you could plug in something like a USBtinyISP. Or use the "Arduino as ISP" concept and just run wires from the Duemilanove's pins to your chip. It's achievable, one way or the other.