How to program WEMOS D1 mini from linux


i bought a Wemos D1 Mini and think, i have problem with the usb driver on linux.
I downloaded him, but it gets a compile error.
ch34x.c:562:2: error: unknown type name ‘wait_queue_t’; did you mean ‘wait_event’?
wait_queue_t wait;

When i program the Mini from windows and let it run on linux, the console monitor works.
When i program from linux, the console output is weird.
The library and board settings are the same on win and linux.

Does someone have an idea?



It may be a driver problem. maybe you're confusing the IDE's buttons.

There is the Verify button, which compiles the code, but does not send it to the board. And there is the Upload button, which compiles and then sends it to the board.

If it works on Windows, then it may be necessary to revise the driver installation.

This is a Chinese craft, and therefore it is better to use the source (this, of course, is not necessary, but as a rule, newer versions and fewer errors)
Download from here (version from 2018-03-18). I tried to collect, several errors popped up - just make two corrections and the module is going. Corrections are described here (see Changes), there you will find another.