How to provide external power supply for 8 servo motors?

When ever I switch on the power supply there is no enough power supply to servo motors. Voltage across each servo motor is 1.5 Volts only. Should the circuit must be changed? Is there any better way of circuit design?

OP’s pic for others:


You should budget about 1A per servo.

With 8 maybe you should try with 4x servos per power pack.

Make sure all the grounds are joined together. edit… I see they are, I hadn’t checked your circuit. What current does that supply supply?

ok. As you said, 1A per servo. So 8A for 8 servo motors. Am it right? Currently I have given only 5Amps in total.

8A for 8 servos as a budget yes. Servo makers don't always give a current figure in their spec sheets, alas.

Thank You very much. I will have a look.

And that 1A is for small low-spec servos - high torque ones can be a lot more. But we don't
know which servos you are talking about as you haven't said what they are.

Perhaps you should provide that information?

Hello MarkT, I am using two types of motors.

  1. Servo - Generic Metal Gear (Micro Size) - ROB-14760 - SparkFun Electronics

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