How to push game controller buttons?

Hello gurus!

I'd like to build a little project where I can "press" the various buttons on a game controller. I plan on opening up the controller case and closing the circuit of each button as needed, rather than building something that has to physically press down on the buttons.

How can I achieve this using a breadboard? I think I need a relay, probably many? Do I need any resistors? There's 6-8 buttons on a controller.

Eventually I will use an Arduino to control the logic. For now, I'd be happy if I can "press" a game controller button by just connecting a battery or something.

The simplest way is to use a relay to short out the connectors.

With some systems you can use a transistor or a FET to short out the buttons but you will need to find out which, if any, of the button contacts is ground. You have to have a common ground between arduino and the system you want to switch.

No, not relays!

You use a 74HC4066.

It is powered by the Arduino 5V, and functions as four "switches" each of which can be connected across any two button terminals on the controller as long as it uses nothing higher than the 5V - and of course, you have to connect the Arduino GND to the negative battery terminal of the controller.

In the past I’ve used an NPN transistor and a resistor to jump across the buttons on a TV remote. You might be able to do something similar for a simple setup.