How to put the Arduino on stand by

Hi the Arduino's community,

I need to take measurements of the temperature + humidity of the soil every hours. I built a system using the Arduino Mega 2560 + LCD + RTC + SD card module + STH30 (temp/moisture sensor). It will be an autonomous system alimented with a battery.

I don't want to leave the arduino on all the time so I would like to find a way to put it on stand by when it's not used, and to turn it on every hour. Probably using the RTC module?

Can someone tell me if it is possible and if there would have a code available for that.


The processors have sleep modes, but a board like the Mega has circuitry that stays on when the processor is asleep. So the solution won't be straightforward.

For battery power operation with sleep periods, you need a customized Arduino with all the power hungry components removed. The Pro Mini works fine for this if you remove the voltage regulator and the power LED. It is easy to do, just swipe it off with a hot solder pencil.

Otherwise, you can easily build or buy a "bare bones" Arduino.

Then follow this excellent tutorial on low power operation.

Make sense. Thanks a lot for your help. I have a lot to read now.