How to put the through hole on the bottom in Eagle ?

hello guys,
i don't know if this is the right section to put this question

I am designing a PCB with eagle, i made the schematics and now making the board, so i must place components from both sides, first the PCB has copper from 2 sides the top and the bottom, the 7-segments and LEDs must be on the top and the ICs controlling them like MAX7219 and Shift Registers 595 must on on the bottom, what i understand is that the connection must be made using a via to convert from top to bottom but i need to know please how to place the soldering pads of an IC on the Top and the actual IC on the bottom ?
will the PCB when printed have through holes with copper from both sides if already as mentioned has 2 sided copper ?
in default mode the IC comes on Top, opposite to what i need