how to put the time delay in Manchester data array example

iam very new this forum, my question is how to add time delay in Manchester tx data array example

i am using uno boards to transmitt and receive the data with 433MHZ nicerf modules (STX882, SRX887), Manchester library example is working fine. but if i add a time delay in the transmitter loop the receiver is not receiving the data

if the time delay is less than 100 msec then only i am getting the data in receiving end
i want to send the data around 10 seconds interval

i have attached the program files
pls help me

ManchesterTX_Array.ino (935 Bytes)

ManchesterRX_Array.ino (1.25 KB)

Hello and welcome,

See the Blink Without Delay example, maybe that could help :)

How Guix thank for your reply i am trying to incorporate the blink with out delay example, but how to know that 10 bytes of data is transmitted or not, is there any instruction for transmission done.

problem resolved

#include <Manchester.h>


Manchester Transmitter example

In this example transmitter will send 10 bytes array per transmittion

try different speeds using this constants, your maximum possible speed will
depend on various factors like transmitter type, distance, microcontroller speed, …

MAN_300 0
MAN_600 1
MAN_1200 2
MAN_2400 3
MAN_4800 4
MAN_9600 5
MAN_19200 6
MAN_38400 7


#define TX_PIN A3 //pin where your transmitter is connected
#define LED_PIN 13 //pin for blinking LED

uint8_t moo = 1; //last led status
uint8_t data[10] = {0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9};

void setup() {
digitalWrite(LED_PIN, moo);
man.workAround1MhzTinyCore(); //add this in order for transmitter to work with 1Mhz Attiny85/84
man.setupTransmit(TX_PIN, MAN_1200);

void loop() {
man.transmitArray(10, data);
moo = ++moo % 2;
digitalWrite(LED_PIN, moo);
if (moo == HIGH){