how to quote a quote in char ?

ok so i am using a lib that finds text and i need it to find a " but i'm not sure how to use char to quote a quote?

here is an example finder.getString(": ", " " ", cond, 13);

as you can see it looks for ":" then the next char that it needs to find is a " and you can see its in " " " which isnt right and cond is a char buffer veriable while 13 is the length size of the cond veriable

my questing is how do i make it look for the char quote if it already needs to be in a quote?

would it be " ' "? but isnt the single ' different from the double " ?

Serial.println("this is a \" quote");

and of course the next question

Serial.println("this is a \ backslash");

ok so to use a quote i a quote you'll need to use a backslash then the quote?

but wouldnt this look for a backslash then the quote?

to make more sense this is the lib i am using and the function:

function : int getString(char *pre_string,char *post_string,char *buf,int length); Finds the pre_string and then puts the following characters into the given buffer until the post_string is detected. The end of string is determined by a match of a character to the first char post_string. String longer than the buffer length are truncated to fit. The function returns the number of characters placed in the buffer (0 means no valid data found)

bottom of the textfindr lib link...

The backslash is not really write to the string. Is only a way to tell the programming language "this quote don't end my string, I want to write the quote in the string".

ok just an update that it works nicely… thanks guys

Google "Escape sequences in C" for details. For example:

Read down a few paragraphs for table.

thanks econjack, this will help alot in future C coding