How to read BMP180 sensor without Libary.

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i am a beginner in arduino programming. i have watched lots of tutorials videos regarding BMP180 pressure sensor and i noticed that all of them using a specific library to read the temperature, pressure and altitude value from the sensor. it is any method of code that may i use so that i don't need to use the libary of this sensor to read its values? if has can i get it?

Danke. hope you guys can help me! :slight_smile:

What's wrong with a library ? You can read the datasheet and write your own code, and try to fix all the bugs, or use a library that have been proven to be good.

In the Arduino IDE, in the menu, go to: Sketch / Include Library / Manage Libraries.
Search for bmp180, and install the "Adafruit BMP085 Library by Adafruit".
After that, an example have been added to menu.

Is it for school, and you may not use a library ? Then start by reading the datasheet about the registers inside the BMP180.

Here you go...

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