How to read .csv or .txt files from SD Card and transmit via SMS???

I'm working on a project and I need to be able to read already stored files from the SD card and transmit the content via SMS. I can send SMS and I can save the files. But I can't combine both.

I can also reasd the files and transmit them over regular serial connection but not as SMS. Any help please.

How large is the file you are trying to send? Most carriers limit the sms message to 160 characters.

it's definitely less than 160 characters.

The problem is I dont know how to take the files from the SD card and send them via the SMS connection. I guess I need to move it into some kind of buffer from where I'll send it. Do you have a sample code where that has been done, so I can modify it to suit my needs. I'm new to programming and just trying to achieve a quick one with this project.

Is Ctrl-Z the terminator for your SMS message? If so, keep reading the file and sending the text until the entire file is sent, then send a Ctrl-Z.