How to read EASUN inverter RS232 data to arduino?????

Hi Friends

I am using EASUN 2.4Kw offgrid inverter. it has RS232 port . I want to monitor this from anywhere using blynk. I'am planing do a project. I have no idea how to read rs232 data from arduino. Please can someone help me?

The first question the you need to answer is what are the voltage levels of the RS232 signals. True RS232 uses ±12V signals. You can't directly connect those signals to an Arduino. You will need a level shifter like a MAX232 to translate the signals to TTL levels (0 and 5V).

Next, you need to know or be able to set the baud rate. The Arduino baud rate must match the inverter baud rate.

Then you need to know the serial protocol. How many start, data and stop bits.

And also how the data is encoded.

Those questions should be answered in the owner's manual.

Here is a good tutorial on reading serial input with an Arduino once the above have been sorted out.

Normally what i do is use RS232 to USB converter plug to my pc and start watch power application. it show one IP address communicating with inverter. in setting here are the configs

comport = COM7
buad reate : 19200
Data : 8
stop :1
parity :none.

This RS232 adapter includes a standard D9 connector.

With Arduino, use either the hardware serial connection (pins 0 and 1) or Software Serial to communicate with the device, through the adapter.