How to read firebase branches?

I have some Firebase structure(that I have mentioned below) and I am trying to read through that by using NodeMCU.
The structure is -

  • User1 : 23
  • User2 : 34
  • User3 : 47


  • User1 : 55
  • User2 : 54
  • User3 : 32

What I want to do is read the full N1 and N2 branches at once, like on Arduino IDE’s serial monitor I should get the Username(ie, User1,2,3…so on) and their corresponding values.
Is there any method by which I can do in my Arduino IDE?

PS - The names like User1,2,3… are dynamic ie, they are the values that a person enters from an android app that I made.

This is a firebase issue, not an Arduino issue. Figure out how to get the data you want from a web browser. Then, making the correct request from the Arduino/ESP will be trivial.