How to read old pms?

If i receive a PM, and leave or reply, how do i go back at some time in the future to look at those messages if they weren’t deleted?

Currently i have to wait for another new message - then i can see the ‘new’ message along with thisev’old’ saved messages...!

If you click your Avatar you get to your Profile page and on that page the Profile Info link has an option to go to your messages.


ok, i’d tried that before...
I assumed the fact [Profile Info] was shaded- that it was already the active page being displayed...
On my iPad, pressing the [Profile Info] drop down, the sub menu is blank & half off screen - with a single right arrow for (something).

I pressed the blank line with the arrow - and voila, i can see the sub-sub-menu.
I’m wondering what the other blank lines are for... I’ll have to login on my PC to see what they are!

Thanks R2

If you want to, you can bookmark this link.
It is independent of the user (so that one link works for everyone) but obviously you need to be logged in to get to your PMs.

If you want to, you can bookmark this link.

Very clever. Many thanks.


On your iPad if you are having problems hold down the reload page icon until a single item menu pops up saying “desktop version” select this and it behaves more like your laptop.