How to: read SD on Arduino by Delphi?

Hi folks,

I would like to read (and manage) the content of a microSD connected to arduino duemillanove by an application of Borland Delphi programming software.

I have some experience on delphi, but i don´t know anything about how to program in delphi to read the content (mainly txt files) of and SD card connected to arduino...

all ideas and comments are welcome!

SD card read/write

My Delphi experience stopped at Delphi4 but I would imagine you would open a serial connection to the Arduino and send and receive.

Thanks Nikinick,

Yes, i know all this post, but it is more focused on wiring the SD and saving data on. My question was more related to Delphi and how to connect by serial with arduino.... Thanks for your comment!

You need a ComPort library for delphi, im using TComPort (google it)

Examples are included, that should get you going

Thanks Guldberg for the link and this important information.

I already got it, but i will see how to solve a small problem firstly. i use Borland Turbo Delphi Explorer 2006, what means that it is free, but it not allow to install extra components... So, i can not install directly the TComport component... Thanks!