How to read/send data to arduino over headphone jack with Delphi?

I know this is arduino (not Delphi) platform but I couldn't find get any source or answer to my problem. Maybe one of you have Delphi knowledge.

Is there any source (like document, code samples etc.) or component to read data sent by (and send data to) arduino via audio jack fot Delphi (Firemonkey). There are some examples on here, here and here but I couldn't find how to read this data with Delphi (FireMonkey).

I'm trying to communicate Arduino Pro Mini with Android/iOS app (this is an iOT project) to let phone app send some command and device collect some data then send to the phone I don't need to connect my gadget to the PC (it is for just Mobile) serial over usb is not an option because some software/hardware requirements (sort OTG cable, USB Host settings, drivers etc..) so I just want to get data over 3.5mm TRS (3 pin - preferred) or TRRS(4pin) stereo jack. In addition, Arduino Pro Mini has no USB interface and I don't want to use USB to TTL Converter due to its size and price