How to read song position with DFPlayer Mini


I have searched everywhere but I can’t find a solution.

I’m running a DFPlayer Mini (original version).

How can I read out the current song position? I need this for timing and controlling lights to the song.
I have tried putting mp3.getState (0x42) to read “the status” (whatever this is)
I’m getting the value of 513 in serial monitor only. What is this “status”? I guess it’s not the song posistion.
I have seen a guy who made a graphical interface for a DF Player mini with a slider bar that moves depending on the song position. i have contacted him weeks ago now. no reply. No tutorials. but it seems to possible. but HOW? I’m using the library from Makuna.

thank you guys in advance

Since the Arduino doesn’t actually “see” the MP3 file, I think you’ll have to use millis(s) to keep track of playing-time.

Are you trying to get the actual position of the player? (ie: time?)

Or just that the file is still playing? (or completed?)

Perhaps the DFRobot will have some methods that will work for you:

Please post the project you mentioned where someone created a progress bar from the DFPlayer output?