How to read String data from web server via ardun0 ethernet shield

I am doing project on Finger print and RFID based Attendance Security System,Briefly i will explain about my project as well as my problem.
Here i am using Arduino mega,GT-521F32(FPS),Ethernet Shield,TFT LCD display,4*4 keypad,RC-522 RFID and RTC module.
Here finger will be enrolled through FPS itself and all the personal information will be submitted in PHP submission form,when the enrolled finger (or) registered RFID is placed it will detect and it should show Personal information regarding that particular ID,until now it is functioning as i discussed above.

But my problem is when it is displaying the personal information it is displaying Server data along with it,here i am attaching Screen shots of Output in Serial Monitor and the part of the code i used for displaying it.

Posting.ino (1.07 KB)

Always post complete code! The error usually is in the part you didn't post.

Post links to the used hardware!

What exactly is the problem? All I can see is a screen shot (why didn't you just post the text?) of the serial monitor showing some data and a small excerpt of some code. From that small excerpt I already can give you a hint: don't use the String class, at least not on the AVR platform.