How to read this relay datasheet

I have a V23105-A5401-A201 relay. The datasheet is here:

If I look at page #7 of that datasheet can I determine that this relay switch 20v DC current at .5amp? The way I read it, it will, but I'm new at this. My garage door opener will trip at that, could I use this relay to open/closer my garage door?

According to this datasheet I could use this to switch AC also? Up to 110v as long it's less than 60w? Potentially I could use this to turn on off a single string of Christmas lights? That seems like a lot for a little tiny relay like this.

the datasheet link that you give is broken. you can check the new link V23105A5401A201 datasheet

Thanks for the link Max232, the comment about it isn't directed at you.

Page six of the rather odorous datasheet has a decoding chart

Decoding V 2 3 1 0 5-A 5_ _ - _ _ _ V23105-A5 = D2n Relay Identification 4 = 400 mW which is coil current which they don't have in the chart of course, you have to eye bleed all over the pdf. 01 = 5V A201 = 2 changeover contacts; silver nickel, gold-plated, against silver nickel, gold-plated

Buried elsewhere in the datasheet is what the contacts are rated for. I am not sure why the spent so much space on the coil parameters. Limiting continuous current at max. ambient temperature 3A Maximum swichting voltage 220 Vdc 250 Vac

That's hell of a current muncher. You will need something stout to drive it. You will need a large transistor or a logic level mosfet