How to receive 433mhz data?

Greetings. I'll start by pointing out that this is the first project im attempting. :disappointed_relieved: So anyway i've decided to try and make the weather station + arduino project. I bought the 433MHz Receiver Shield for Arduino which should work with the project. So far i hooked it up with arduino, and it's power led lights up. I tried using any of the provided codes to receive data, but on serial monitor im getting only the "intro" message.

For starters, how can i receive raw data which consists of zeros and ones?

If anyone is wondering about the receiver and the project, i've provided links below. Receiver: Project:

Help is much appreciated, meanwhile i'll keep googling.

I'd start looking at the outputs of the receiver with an oscilloscope, but assuming you don't have one, how about a simple sketch that just copies the value at the receiver output to, say, the onboard LED? Then a slightly more complex sketch to print the timings of pulses from the receiver. Anything to help you visualise what is going on. Maybe someone nearby also has something operating on 433MHz.

Thanks, im starting to get somewhere. If i run into major problems ill bump this topic up.