How to receive I2C data into pure data


I currently have one arduino micro successfully connected to pure data using the pduino set []. From this I have used the ‘arduinomega-test’ pd patch and ‘StandardFirmata’ arduino coding.

I have connected two more arduino micro’s to the original using an I2C connection. I used the ‘i2c_Scan’ arduino coding to test if they were connected. Then, before opening pure data, I uploaded the ‘StandardFirmata’ coding to all three arduino’s.

Now I am stuck on how to receive any input and/or output information from the two new arduino micro’s.

If anyone could help or has any suggestions I would really appreciate it. Sorry if I have been a bit unclear, it is my first forum post and first arduino project. You can have a look at some of the process of the project here if you like: []