how to recognise a remote control button push

i have made a program to find out the pulse length and now i would like to use this info in another program so that it can react to a certain button press. any help would be much appreciated!! thanks

Can you give some more detail of your project please as I am having difficulty understanding what you are trying to do. Thanks.

Sorry, I have recently bought a IR receiver module which i have wired up to my arduino, then i recorded the pulse lengths for each button, i am now wondering how to use these pulse lengths in another program to recognise the different buttons.

Store the known pulse lengths in a 2d array, and match (not an exact match - you need to allow some jitter) the pulse lengths against the incoming stream.

If you open up the remote control you're trying to read you will find an IC that produces the different codes for each button. If you're lucky this is a common remote control IC and you can do a Google search for a datasheet. Usually these daatsheets have detailed info about the transmitted pulses that would get you started writing some code to read them.