How to recover data by NFC and display them (LCD) with Arduino Uno?

Good morning all,

Just discovered Arduino. I would have liked to have some details when the capabilities of this technology and if the idea I want to develop is relevant (or just feasible in fact ^^ ") to meet a need in research lab.

I own : - an electrochemical glucose sensor (modified) SIC4341 with an NFC tag 13.56 mHz ( ›product› name = SIC4341)

  • Un arduino Uno

  • A 1602A LCD screen

For the idea:

I would like to use an uFR Nano OEM to retrieve the information on the sensor tag during the electrochemical measurement (about 10 seconds max of measurements) as in this video: rBsh38dkpkM

Then I would like to average the measurements collected on the Arduino and display the glucose measurement on the LCD.

However I do not know if these data are accessible in NFED messages (NFC message from what I read ^^ ") or if I can extract them in another place to process them in arduino with C code and In addition do you think it would be wise to add an SD module to store the values ???

If possible, I would then like to transmit the data processed by a Bluetooth module to an Android mobile application ???

For the moment I see only concretely how to make the mobile application which is rather optional ^^ "And having never touched an Arduino, I prefer to inform myself before leaving in all directions ...

Thank you in advance and being really beginner forgive my ignorance of the subject ^^ "