How to remove a library from a sketch?

I have a set of library files in a folder called MyLib that are working fine. Occasionally, I want to edit one of them, so I move it into a sketch call it MyLibTest. In MyLibTest, I reference the file I want to work on with #include "LibFileToEdit.h" and this works fine.

I wanted to include some of my other library files in the MyLibTest sketch, so I used the Sketch>IncludeLibrary menu to add my library files to the sketch. It added
#include <libfile1.h>
#include <libfile2.h>
and so on
I deleted all but the one I wanted, but I ended up with duplicate references. It seems the act of adding the library from the menu has included all the files in MyLib even though I deleted the #include <libfile#.h> lines/files I don't want.

I can't figure out how to undo the menu action of Sketch>"Include Library" MyLib.
it seems that even though I removed the #include<...> lines the menu action included, they are still being compiled and included in my project since the error messages are referencing those files.

I have been doing the same thing. I had had several problems compiling programs I wrote a few years back because of library changes. If it is important I put the library files in with the sketch. I can also edit out what I do not want to save memory and not have problems with other programs as it is local.

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