How to replace 16 X 1 LCD to VFD display


This is the first time I posted in this forum so forgive me if this already discuss in other thread, but I can not find it.

I try to build an voltage reference and I found some one has build it based with Arduino uno but He use a single line 16 X 1 LCD and I found beside its difficult to find (at least in my country) the character is so small so I asking is that posible to changed the 16 X 1 LCD to VFD with Driver VFD INRC09SS49T.

what confusing me is in the VFD data sheet its told need 3 wire STB, CLK, DIN beside VCC and GND offcourse and in my project three is LCD R/S, LCD E, LCD BD 4, LCD BD 5, LCD BD 6, LCD BD 7.
can some one guide me how to made the mod ?

Thank You