How to report an offensive user name?

Just what it says. How do I notify the moderators of an offensive user name? Seems the old forum for that is "archived" ?

Select one of their messages and then click on "Report to moderator" in the bottom right corner of the message.


OK I will try that, I thought it was just for messages. Thanks for the help :)

The offensive name I think you are referring to is being discussed on the moderators forum. As soon as a way to deal with it is determined (it may need a webmaster to fix), it will be dealt with.

OK, yes, that was the one. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do!

It's a fine line - in the past we've had at least one member object to the term "God member" (which is based solely on the number of posts), presumably on the grounds of blasphemy! (Though I agree in this instance, the username was inappropriate)

Yeah I know how tough those things can be - I started a ruckus once with my user photo, and it was an actual photo of my own smiling face. So, you can imagine how that made me feel when other users demanded it be taken down. It was so bad, I actually had a phone call with the owner of that site. We eventually came down to the decision that "while the photo is not offensive in itself and doesn't break any site rules, other users know the history of the photo and find that offensive and in the spirit of keeping the community on focus, I will just change the photo."

So, I think you guys made the right choice here - it isn't as important what someone's name is, as long as they can participate without being disruptive. Now that person can participate and won't be ignored due to the user name. I don't hold it against them - some people are young or whatever and make mistakes.

some people are young or whatever and make mistakes.

That's tactful, but, personally, I think you misspelled stupid.