How to return the Yun to being an access point

Hey everyone,

I would like to know how to return my Yun to an access point. I connected it to my networ but now I would like to have the back.

Thank you

As written here:
you have to press the wlan reset button on your Yun for more than 5 secs but for less than 30 secs, otherwise you will factory reset the microprocessor.

I'm interested in the same topic and read the linked site but was not able to find the solution on how to set back to Access Point mode.
Could you please quote the paragraph with the instruction you are referring to?

Here it is, from the link posted above :

If you move to a different network and can no longer wirelessly access the Yún through its web interface, you can reset the Yún's network configuration by pressing the Wifi reset button for longer longer than 5 seconds, but less than 30, the AR9331 processor will reboot. The WiFi configuration will be reset and the Yún will start its own wiFi network Arduino Yún-XXXXXXXXXXXX. Any other modification/configuration will be retained.

Ah, okay. Many thanks for helping!

I guess I went to fast in the doc too cause I missed it. Thank you