How to rotate a system at low rpm

I am doing a project involving system similar to that of Ferris Wheel

It needs to rotate at very low speeds, preferably, 1rev/hr or 2 rev/hr

It also needs to stop when the "box" or "capsule" reach the maximum height and hold it there. , i.e. similar to the passenger carrying components in Ferris Wheel.

My solution 1. Since holding is required, a stepper motor will be a good choice. 2. A gears or pulley might be used.

My problem 1. How to step down the speed of the stepper motor to that of 1 rev per hr, from what speed should I step the motor down, and how?

  1. Seems like its going to be a huge reduction ratio. How a pulley or gear can be used in this case? Is there any other suggestion?

Thank you.

The speed of a stepper motor is controlled by the interval between steps. You could wait a month between each step if you want to. Have a look at the examples in this Simple Stepper Code - especially the second example that uses millis() and micros() for timing.

You will probably want to use micro-stepping to minimize the jerkiness of the motion,

A reduction gearbox would also be a good idea and a light brake on the output shaft to minimize the effect of backlash.

Stepper Motor Basics

Also a worm-reduction gear can provide braking when the power is removed, ie fail-safe braking. You can still use a stepper motor into the gear for arbitrary slow speed, but you have the ability to power down the motor too to save power.