How to "route" a signal?

Hi all,

What's a good way to "route" a signal coming from a pin, based on an other? E.g. I have a bunch of shift registers, but want to use only one of them at a time. What do I need in the circuit, so I can control which one I want to "talk to"?

Wire up each shift register to a seprate pin for the data latch. Make everything else common. The only toggle the latch of the shift register you want to use.

Mind you, you can simply chain the shift registers and read them all every time. Saves circuitry, only three pins needed for any number.

It's a mind-set. With microprocessors/ computers, unless there are other demands on processing time, it makes sense to let the processor "do the hard yakka".

It's a mind-set.

Do Noobies speak uP mind-set ? ;D

Do Noobies speak µP mind-set?

Gotta learn sooner or later. :smiley:

But it is an important point, it makes no difference to the µcontroller whether it is waiting in a loop (and preferably not a “while” loop) or doing something “useful” - might as well be doing something useful!

Unless you are really short on time (sub-millisecond), then shuffling through some shift registers should be no problem.