How to run an vibration motor with arduino?

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I am new to Arduino, and need some help with a circuit that needs external power.

I have an Arduino Mega ADK or / and an Arduini UNO. I want to run a small vibration coin with it. It is specified here: The vibration motor runs from 2-3.6V starting at 85mA with an internal 75Ohm terminal resistance.

I also have an NPN transsitor an some Diodes (Rectifier, Zener). Up to now I Understood ishould connect

  • The base is connected with an 1kOhm resistor to an output pin of the arduinio
  • The emitter is connected to the Arduino ground nearby the 5V pin
  • To collector is connected to the vibration motor. The vibration motor is connected to the arduini 5V pin

Is an external power supply really needed for this motor? What componenten are aditionally needed in the circuit? Do I need any more resistors? Any diodes?

Thanks, best regards filyra.

With 5V you'll be running overspec vs "2 - 3.6V" If you need to get that down a little then add a diode, or two, in series with the motor.

Your list doesn't include the bit about the diode.

  • connect diode anode to transistor collector, diode cathode (band) to +5

The Arduino 5V is likely good for the motor current. If you start having reset anomalies then you need more juice.


still I have problems. I now try to makesome DC motors work after a tutorial. Can u answer me some questions here?

On picture 1 u can see my setup. This does not work since the board works up to 40mA. The DC motors runs on 4,5V (thats ok), but need 220 mA. So I want to try the approach on picture 2 with a transistor. Actually I do not use a battery, but I do use an external power supply. that is connected to the arduino power slot. Can you tell me how the setup needs to be done then?

Also when I can usw the DC motor I should be able to use the vibration motor as well?

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Here's a circuit in the playground for a solenoid. You can wire up your motor the same way:

Hey Thank you,

but I think I need the 5V Pin from the Arduino? I have created the new setup wit the DC motor you can see on the screenshot. It actually does not work. Do you have any ideas why it does not work?

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