How To run DS3231 and BMP180 together

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How can you get a DS3231, BMP180, running at 3.3v to work together on the I2C bus on a graphic display using either GLCD/UTFT/U8g, both work singley on a graphic display but when you add the bmp program to the time display, time is stopped but is still displayed and the bmp still functions normally.
I have a similar setup, running on a 20x4 LCD with the DS and BMP working together.
I have Googled the web and looked on the forum for answers but no information has been found, there is info on DS’s , BMP’s and I2C bus singley but not working together.

Hope someone can help

This is a continuation of original post “How To”

Now that you have figured that out how about giving both Threads meaningful titles so people know what you want information about without having to open the Thread. If you modify your Original Post you can edit the Title.