How to safely install underwater LEDs

Hello, I just purchased some underwater LED lights from and I’m thinking of installing them myself. I’m a bit concerned though as to the wiring… Electrical wires and potential of water interacting with them in the in the case of an installation mistake sounds like a disaster waiting to happen…

What safety precautions should I take? I’m attaching the only installation instructions I could find.

Or am I better off reaching out to a professional installer… :confused:

Thank you.

Lumitec Typhoon Instructions.pdf (340 KB)

It is straightforward. The lense of the led holder is underwater but the leds are inside of the boat. Be sure everything is properly sealed. The following links will hellp you size the wire. Amps and Wire Gauge in 12V Electrical Circuits is a link to a wire table that will help you determine what wire size you need. Note it is for one way so double the wire length.
Voltage Drop Calculator is a calculator that will tell you what the voltage drop will be. The answer appears above the calculator.

Perfect, thank you for the helpful links Gil. I have the boat hauled out already, so I will make sure everything is extra sealed when installing. Will give it a go this weekend. Much appreciated.

Huh? I was taught that you should keep the number of holes in your hull to an absolute minimum!