How to safely use two 18650 cells in series with over discharge protection


I am new to electronics. I have made a robotic car type thing with arduino and L298N and I want to power it using two 18650 cells in series. I have watched videos on youtube where guys use 2 18650 cells in series without any over-discharge protection board (e.g. TP5056 ). But I don't think it is safe and I think there should be over discharge protection circuit (e.g. TP4056). I don't know how to do that with two 18650 cells. Should I connect two 18650 cells with two TP4056 and connect TP4056 in series and use it across load?
Is is safe? What is the proper way to use two 18650 cells with over discharge protection?

Thank you

Using a protection circuit for the battery, standard for all lithium setups. You can get
little charge-state alarms for battery packs that have piezo sounder built in if any cell goes out of safe voltage range.

A very brief search found this:

I would suggest replacing the L298N with a MOSFET type, they are more efficient giving you longer battery life and cooler operation.

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